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Isaac Jones
Ev Carm
Cooks But We're Chefs
Elina Filice
Cian Moynagh
Big Sleep
Greg Tisdall
Lű Tysky

Join a growing community with Isaac Jones, Ev Carm, Cooks But We're Chefs, Elina Filice, Cian Moynagh, Big Sleep, FOZSA, Greg Tisdall, and Lű Tysky receiving fair, transparent revenue.

Apply and claim your Spotify artist

Once we've verified your identity, all you need to do is connect your payout details and setup your profile.

Subscribers discover and listen to your music

Both fans and tastemakers alike stream your music on Spotify. They can subscribe on nuvest and contribute a certain amount each month to support independent artists.

Get paid contributions

Once payment processing fees are handled, 100% of each listener's contribution is given to creators, proportional to how many of each artist's tracks they played. No other fees are involved. Contributions are paid out manually or automatically on a rolling monthly basis.

Minimal fees

After payment processing fees, every single cent gets distributed towards artists – nuvest doesn't take a cut.

Artist profile

Promote your music from one place with a concise link.

Custom links

Add links to your latest music videos, merch stores, social media accounts and more from your profile.

Featured releases

Choose an album to feature on your profile or have it automatically show your latest release. Visitors can then play it directly from your page or on their preferred streaming service.

Artist clubs

Connect and chat with your fans with your own discord server. Automatically give access to any of your listeners that are subscribed.


Your latest releases get promoted on the home page for nuvest listeners. Listeners can share and discover your tracks on their feed.

Frequently asked questions

What's needed during verification?

Proof that it is indeed you (the artist on Spotify) from another verified social media account, like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

I'm in a band or group

Currently a Spotify artist can only be claimed by one account, so one person from your group should sign up and claim it. Payouts cannot be split at the moment either and are transferred to one bank account.

Are contributions collected before I sign up?

No, listeners' contributions are divid up between artists who are already signed up and verified. Contributions are only collected once you are signed up and have connected your payout details.

If you have any other questions, don't hesistate to contact us

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